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Play Therapy

I offer play therapy (when indicated) to children struggling with emotional and behavioural difficulties.


What is play therapy?


Play therapy to a child is what therapy is to an adult. Play therapy utilizes children’s natural medium of expression (play) to help them express and make sense of their feelings, worries, wishes and needs in a safe and non-directive space.


How does it work?


The first two to three sessions are an assessment for play therapy. I will meet with both the family and the child to make sense of the difficulties and needs and to determine if play therapy would be beneficial. Once the initial assessment is complete, feedback will be provided and a treatment plan will be discussed according to the child’s unique needs.

“In play therapy toys are like the child’s words and play is the child’s language”


Gary Landreth

Taryn Harverson Clinical Psychologist                                                   

MA. Clin Psy (Cum Laude) (UCT); BSocSc. Hons. Psy (Cum Laude) (UCT); BSocSc. (UCT) 

HPCSA PS 0127639


 📞 +27 76 907 5502                      

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