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What is Therapy?


It might be difficult to decide if therapy would be helpful if you do not know what therapy is or what to expect. The following provides more information about the process to alleviate some anxiety and assist you to make an informed decision about embarking on a therapeutic process:


Therapy offers you a confidential, respectful and safe space to make sense of yourself and anything that may be uncomfortable, painful or confusing with the aim of healing and growth. Therapy allows you to discuss and think about yourself and your problems in ways that are often not possible with family and friends.


Are there different types of therapy?


Yes, there are many different approaches to therapy. However, research has generally shown that the therapeutic relationship between yourself and your therapist is more important than the approach used.


How long will it take?


The number of sessions required depends on your unique needs and goals. In some cases, only a few sessions are required to provide relief and make a difference, while more sessions are needed in other cases. The estimated length of therapy will be discussed at the outset and will be reviewed during the therapeutic process.


How does it work?


The first two to three sessions are an ‘assessment’ for therapy, which basically means that we will make sense of your difficulties and needs and decide if therapy will be beneficial for you. These sessions will also give you an opportunity to decide if you want to undertake a therapeutic process and if you think I will be able to help you. If we decide that therapy would be beneficial, the length, type and focus of therapy will be determined based on your unique needs and goals. Sessions are generally 50 minutes long.

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